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Yep, its time for everyones favourite gameshow.. "Name that Penis" Yay!!! This one had me laughing and started with Kaede and Shin trying to win some money on that sexy Japanese games how kobe surprise and discovered that the game for today was "name that penis". It was all a test to check her knowledge of her boyfriends dick so he and 3 other men had to stand behind a screen and stick their cocks through a hole.

She thinks this naughty game will be easy but she chooses the wrong cock and for her punishment she must continue the game fully naked. Thats the rules but when she chooses wrong again the consequence ball says that she must give a stranger a blowjob! This video has got everything, a nice surprise cumshot in her mouth even a transgender who pops out of nowhere.. what the fuck?? Cant wait to see what they do next!!!

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Another Japanese cfnm type video from Kobe Surprise, that crazy adults only asian gameshow were girls do the most wild things for a little cash and the thrill of winning our sexy games. Aya and Yukima are 2 sweet Japanese schoolgirls who just want to make guys happy so we’ve brought them to see our lonely virgin friend to give him the surprise of his life.

The girls are so caring and agree to lend him a helping hand and give him his first experience with a woman and boy do they make his first time a memorable one! He gets to play with their hot little bodies and gasps in wonder as he takes their panties off and gets a good look at their natural pussies.. hehe he really does get treated today with 2 beautiful faces staring up at him as they give an amazing and sensual blowjob. The girls really enjoy themselves and are thoroughly spent and satisfied after bouncing up and down on his cock and then wearing his excited cum all over themselves.

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Japanese businesswomen are sexy, so professional looking with classy skirts and nice legs. These 3 ladies were found on the street and dared to play on our the sexy gameshow, Kobe Surprise. This game is similar to Japanese cfnm in that the girls keep all their clothes on today tho they do flash their boobs a bit which is great. They know that they are up for something sexy but when they are confronted by a man with a penis burried in pubic hair they are not sure what to do, they laugh and say "im not going to suck on that, its covered in fur!" That had me laughing my head off.

The girls get to work and start the japanese cfnm action by examining the poor guys cock and giggling and talking amongst themselves about it, damm crazy girls even poke at his dick and balls with a fork!! As he starts to get hard the girl take turns to spit on it and give him handjobs till just as he is about to cum they force him to cum in a small bowl, laughing and one of the women says "I cant believe we just did that" They come up with such strange stuff on this Japanese game show but ive gotta say this is really original and im loving it ;)

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Seriously, only in Japan. They just dont make stuff like this anywhere else in the world but its fucking genius. Now this is what i call a game show, with lots of sexy asian women competing to win money performing all sorts of crazy sex acts funny nude games. Some of the games are like a style of japanese cfnm where the girl might keep her clothes on while giving handjobs and blowjobs but often in their desperate desire to win the games and money the girls are quite happy to even fuck their way to number 1!!


Crazy Japanese gameshow sex and gorgeous nude contestants go all out to win first prize in the most insane game show ever made.






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No matter what we tried we couldnt get this girl to fuck or suck cock, she was such a turn on but they boys had to go home with the blue balls and jerk off. Oh well it was still a hell of a good time and we must have made the cutie cum at least 4 times, she even squirted all over Young Fukus van but for this sort of action it was well worth and had a great response on my Japanese game show!

We got to feel all over her body and take off her panties for a good look and play with her pussy, she was just so turned on and wet with her legs spread wide and her pussy juice flowing we used the vibrator to bring her to orgasm after orgasm while she moaned and one of the guys kept rubbing his dick on her face and around her mouth. "please take it away from my face" she cries as she comes to yet another horny orgasm. Hahaha! Wow, this girl didnt put out for us but she was just so hot and her body felt amazing. Hope ya like this one as much as she did ;)


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This is the ultimate sexy Japanese game show and you wont believe how totally kinky this is. First 2 really cute girls are spied on the street an approached to appear on out naughty game show, for just $400 the girls are willing to play our game but they are not sure exactly what to expect so we decided to have some fun with the super hot bath. Its simple the girls must stay in the hot bath for 3 minutes to win but if they fail then they have to pull a numbered ball out of a hat with various punishments and do whatever the ball says!

these girls are daring and as they change clothes the cameraman takes a candid peak at their nude bodies as the girls giggle and then its into the super hot bath.. haha these 2 cute asians dont even last a few seconds and now must face their punishment! One girl must give a blowjob and the other must endure the vagina tickler! Rules are rules and so the girls must accept the consequences of their failure. They dont have their panties on and one girl has her sweet pussy seen to with the tickler and moans while her friend gives one of the game show crew a blowjob and gets an unexpected mouthfull of cum!!! Fucking awesome and totally real and unscripted. We need more gameshow porn like this cause you just wont believe what girls will do for a little cash :)

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Have you ever heard of a game called ‘red light green light’?  well basically one person stands on one side and calls either red light or green light, when he calls green light everyone tries to get to him as fast as possible until he calls red and and turns to face them.  Their goal is to be frozen when he calls red light so he cannot see them moving,  The winner is the person who gets to him first.  Now here is the asian adults only version of the game which is much more fun.

It’s simple really, but when you add a mass group of 50 young naked japanese women along with some zany obstacles for them to encounter all the while trying to take off their clothes the whole time and you have one hilarious Japanese game show porn spectacular.  It really has to be seen to see how funny and titillating it really is and its another crazy and sexy Japanese nude movie from the soft on demand studios who are well known in Japan for their innovative and creative adult videos.


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Adventure and Sexual Content ~ Known for their creative titles the soft on demand studios bring another installment of the magic mirror travelling van, where all sorts of wild sexual fun awaits its participants.  The mobile van hunts adventurous and sexy Japanese girls on the streets of tokyo and lures them in with prizes and money for winning our naked sex games.

In this video the Japanese game show girls are instructed to change into various cosplay outfits and play a game of nude twister but there is obstacles they must overcome including being felt up and tickled by vibrating massagers and horny guys who do their best to make them loose for which the punishment is blowjobs and sex.  This is quite a funny and raunchy Asian xxx video and has proven to be rather popular on the site.

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Running Time: 02:15:17 Size: 1.36 GB Codec Required: XviD


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This is a full length Japanese porn movie from the ‘soft on demand’ studios in Japan and is part of their wacky xxx game show series of videos.  This time a group of new employees are pitted against hot girls in a series of zany games in the swimming pool, They compete in weird relay races and underwater events including one where they ride on inflatable crocodiles and dolphins while trying to pull off each others bras and panties!

At the end of the event the points are tallied (however they work that out! hahaha) and the losers are stripped of the clothing and forced to give blowjobs and screwed while the winning girls watch on.  This is a very entertaining and sexy video and at a whopping 3:29 minutes is available as a 2 part download from the official Japanese xxx sex network which contains literally thousands of Japanese adult videos.


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Censored in Japan but totally uncut to you. These girls are excited and ready to play "ride the donkey" They have to roll the dice and do whatever the board tells them and its amazing how far they have to go to win just a little bit of cash but you can tell by their smiles that they had fun ;) Original, sexy and fun is what Kobe Surprise is all about.

Funny and sexy at the same time, when one of the girls rolls the dice she lands on vibrator attack!! Oh wow, the guys lift up her shirt and attack her with a mountain of vibrators down her pants! Roll the donkey is also interesting where the girls ride around on the back of a naked man but i still cant work out how they win or lose doing this.. The girls are good sports and accept losing the game gracefully and are prepared for their punishment but things really get a little crazy when some hardcore Japanese gameshow sex ensues and the contestants forced to suck cock and get fucked till the game show hosts blow cum all over their hair!! Now i wasnt expecting things to go this far but this is one fucking hot asian sex game.